Rafter C Pixie Stix


Female Black Tri

15" tall

Left Eye - Brown  

Right Eye - Brown

Personality A+

Drive - Medium


Prelim OFA hip rating NORMAL

Prelim OFA elbow rating NORMAL

DNA Testing - Clear


Pixie is super sweet and extremely affectionate!  She is one of our own raised here at Rafter C.  She'll stand her ground if she needs to, but just a huge sweetheart for the most part.  She loves to go running and absolutely loves kids and other dogs.   She likes to sneak in the house and snuggle with my kids or steal a spot to sleep next to the bed.  She has a pretty strong herding drive but mostly just calm & collected.  She comes from great bloodlines with quite a few champions.

She has a silky smooth coat and excellent copper with minimal white. 


Rafter JM Stroke of Luck



Male Black Tri

17" tall

Left Eye - Amber

Right Eye - Amber

Red Factored

Blue Eyed Tri Carrier

Personality A

Rocking his obedience classes!

Graduated from Intermediate and headed to A

Super athletic!

Drive - High


MDR-1 Carrier - clear on the rest of full DNA panel

OFA Hip Rating - Good

OFA Elbow Rating - Normal


Stud Breed Fee $800


Dually is an awesome dog and comes to us all the way from Oklahoma!  He is very athletic!  He loves to run with me and has insane stamina.  We do 10 milers occasionally and he's usually waiting on me!  He is very loving and is the kind of dog that will be laying close by while your working outside.  He loves kids and giving high fives.  He keeps a close eye on my kids when they play outside and is never usually too far away from them.  He is super smart and loves learning new tricks and has completed intermediate obedience, moving to advanced this fall!   He is a master at sit, down and stay - remaining in a stay with a record of me getting 230 feet away before recalling him.  

He has an excellent pedigree and comes from a long line of international champs.

He has a black shiny coat with light copper and the sweetest brown eyes.


Circle 5 Island Babe


Female Blue Merle

is 16" right now 

Left Eye - Brown

Right Eye - Blue - sadly lost her eye when she was 9 weeks old :(

Personality A++

graduating from basic obedience and moving to intermediate

The favorite in her class!

Super confident and has a super high pack and play drive!


Clear on DNA testing


She had the cutest litter this summer and we can't wait for her next this winter!

Hula is amazing in every way!  She comes to us from Circle 5 Aussies in Texas.  She is sweet, friendly and super confident!  She loves to lounge in the house and has her very own spot under the table.  She is an amazing momma and loved having her first litter this spring - she even nursed them until 7 weeks old!  She lost her cute blue eye at 9 weeks old after getting bit by another dog, but hasn't let that hold her back from anything.  She's been so fun to have and the best companion.  She is very in tune with people who are handicapped, and would make a great therapy dog!  We will get there when she is done being a momma.  


Rafter c kamikaze koa - for sale $1500 - full registration

- We've decided to downsize on our male population, since we're keeping a boy from our current litter.  Koa is amazing in every way!  

Black Tri Male

15" tall

21 lbs.

Both blue eyes

Blue eyed tri carrier

Not red factored

Personality A++

Drive - Low

Super sweet and flashy markings

Will participate in obedience training after he recovers from hip/pelvis reconstructive surgery due to an accident last winter.


MDR-1 Carrier, clear on the rest of full DNA panel

will do OFA's at appropriate age


So excited to add to our breeding program this year!

-Stud Breed Fee $500

Koa is a LOVER boy!  He is sooooo sweet in everyway!  We raised him from a puppy out of Dually & Pixie.  He has low drive, and loves to lounge around, until he has a chance to herd our horses, then he likes to chase them around as long as possible!  He has steely blue eyes and amazing dark copper accents.  He is so handsome and sweet!