About Us




  • We are a family based breeder located in the heart of Utah.  We absolutely love what we do because we get to do it as a family.  

  • We chose the Mini Aussie breed because of their size and traits.  We love that they are so affectionate and willing to please.  They are small enough to be a house/lap dog, but big enough to survive the elements outside and get up and go on any adventure with you!   We both grew up with Heelers, and although they will always hold a special place in our heart, Aussies have won our hearts, who have every trait a Heeler has and more!  

  • We both rodeoed and worked at a Large Animal Clinic (also, where we met!), for 14 combined years, so when we started selling dogs, we found out that the horse and dog circles are pretty similar!   This foundation has helped in a lot of ways where we are equipped with the knowledge of taking the best care possible of our own dogs.  

  • Our main objective is to produce quality dogs who excel at any job you give them.  Whether it be a companion, working dog or a running partner.  Our dogs come from great blood lines and are champion-sired who have great conformation, health and personality.  We plan on staying a small breeder - producing 3-4 litters a year.  This helps puppies get the socialization & care they need in order to prepare for their new adventure with you!  All of our adults are health tested - both DNA and OFA tested.  Before the dogs make it to our breeding program, they have to pass every test.  We have worked really hard to ensure we are producing sound and healthy animals.  All of our adults have different personalities and drives, so between them all, I'm sure we will have a perfect match for what you're looking for!

  • We have four kids who are the best helpers in the whole wide world.  We like to keep the kids involved to insure that they learn the value of hard work pay off.  Whether it's cleaning kennels, feeding, or walking dogs - our puppies are very well socialized each and every day. :)

  • Me and Cade run a heavy-haul trucking company together and get to play with puppies all day, so I'd say we make a pretty great team!  Our truck, dogs & kids keep us plenty busy, and we wouldn't want it any other way. 

XO, Chantelle